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DraftKings daily fantasy golf has given watching golf a total makeover. Now you can get closer to the action than ever before and feel the on-the-course pressure with every single shot. Just draft your lineup of six golfers while staying within the salary cap. They score points for their on-course performance — birdies, eagles, bogey free rounds and more. Unlike golf, the highest score will get you on the top of the leaderboard and winning cash prizes. Once one event ends, you draft a whole new team for the next one. Sign up and get in the game for free with DraftKings daily fantasy golf.

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Signing up to play Daily Fantasy Golf on DraftKings is as easy as a gimmie

1 .

Create an account online or download the DraftKings app.

2 .

Choose a daily fantasy golf contest and draft from the world’s top golfers.

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Rack up points to rack up cash.

Reasons you should get in the game with daily fantasy golf.


An Industry Leader

DraftKings is the leading provider of daily fantasy sports.



Draft a new team for every golf major event.



Choose from free or paid contests and win cash and other prizes.



Available on desktop, tablet, & mobile with Apps for Android & iOS.



Every single shot is now a thriller.



DraftKings has paid out over $6 billion.

Play daily fantasy golf contests for as little or as much as you want.

There’s a daily fantasy golf contest for everyone — you can even play free.

“Won big, got paid, good service, fun events. Looking forward to a lot more time together.”

Wade S.

“Love my DraftKings. This week alone I’ve won $5,000. Great site, I’d give it 10 stars if I could.”

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“I absolutely love having a chance to win big without actually paying out of pocket.”

Demarcus C.


How long does it take to play?

It only takes a matter of minutes to draft your lineup. Contests are run daily, and you’ll get paid as soon as the contest ends.

How does scoring work?

Scoring is based on how well your golfers play. Learn more about fantasy golf scoring.